Top 5 Executive Search Strategies

Top 5 Executive Search Strategies

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of an Executive Search Expert? Here’s your chance to find out. 

Executive Search is the act of getting in touch with passive candidates that meet the requirements of your role, and informing them of the position, and gaining their interest in your role. This is something that traditional agencies often overlook, instead posting an advertisement and praying that a suitable candidate applies. This often means that the perfect candidate may not get the role as they weren’t even looking. Engaging with an experienced Executive Search Partner means that you can ensure that every avenue has been explored to be sure you get the right candidate, the first time. 

There are many ways that Executive Search can be undertaken, and we have explored some of the key areas to demonstrate its value:

  1. Leverage your Networks – One of the advantages HM Executive maintains in our experience in the industry, the combined experience of our Directors is 40 years. Having placed over 300 Executive positions, our Directors are well connected throughout the public and private Executive networks. Knowing the candidates, the market, and your organisation, gives us a competitive advantage to make sure you get the best candidate possible, active or passive. 
  2. Use your team – Another benefit of using HM Executive is that we can harness the team power and experience to further canvas the market, through experience with the candidates or looking at it through a different lens and approach. This means we can well and truly canvas the whole market from every angle. 
  3. Utilise your proprietary databases – HM Executive has access to over 6 million candidates, through the use of our leading, Proprietary database, as well as access to interstate and international candidates through Seek talent search and LinkedIn Pro. 
  4. Take advantage of Social, and traditional Medias – In this digital age it is important to realise and harness the power of both social and traditional media. A duel approach is always recommend depending on your target market. Digital reach is a lot more extensive than traditional print media, especially with more and more newspapers moving online, our reach will stretch far beyond our extensive networks through this format, especially if you are looking at interstate and international candidates. 
  5. Get on Executive Job Boards and User Groups – Executive’s are experts at learning from the experiences of those around them, seeking support and ideas through their own networks, and some do this through User Groups. Executives often have busy schedules so you need to make yourself known and available in the same places they are, so you can get in front of them, and this is a great way to do it. 

While there is a lot more to what we do in Executive Search, these are some of the major tools that we use to our advantage, to get you the best candidate the first time. 

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