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International Executive Search – the HM Executive way

The days of post and pray are over. If you want to get the best talent you need to capture passive candidate, and the way to do this is through Executive Search.

With over 50 years of recruitment experience, and a partnership model means HM Executive have been utilising the executive search function since its inception in 2013. Head hunting and strategic souring or Executive search has become a point of differentiation for HM Executive, with 80% of our roles being filled through this method.

When we were invited to create a proposal to do the executive recruitment for the Chief Digital Health Officer role with SA Health, with a special focus on international search mechanisms, we were excited by the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in this area!

HM Executive has access to over 6 million resumes across Australia & New Zealand, and through LinkedIn Recruiter, have access to an international pool of candidates. Utilising the following process HM Executive was able to submit a diverse shortlist, with both Australian and other internationally based candidates.

The Process:

Strategic Market Mapping – Initially our specialised Recruitment Partners used Boolean search functionality to narrow this down to locate ideal candidates, in similar cultures, with the appropriate skills and experience. Specific care was taken to recognise specific educational qualifications, as well as specific digital projects and experience within the health industry.

Personalised Contact – our Managing Director, Jodi Walton, then made personal contact with all of the strategically mapped candidates both nationally and internationally.

Phone and video interviews – after contact was made, and interest in the position was gained, HM Executive, then commenced the pre-screening process. As there were multiple international candidates to consider, Jodi utilised video interfacing technology to ‘meet’ the candidates to asses their suitability before shortlisting them to SA Health.

Shortlisting – For the shortlisting process, HM Executive utilised the strategic headhunting, Video and in person interviewing techniques to establish a shortlist including recommendations and detailed interview reports for each shortlisted candidate.

Panel Interviews – As a value ad service, HM Executive organised panel interviews, including a video connection with the panel and international candidates. The Managing Director also prepared Panel reports, to assist the SA Health Panel is making their decision on a preferred candidate.

Reference and Resume Fact checking – a step that is overlooked by many Executive Search and Recruitment firms, is to ensure that referenced employment and educational qualifications are verified for the preferred candidate prior to an offer being made.

Offer Management – at the direction of the SA Health CEO, HM Executive facilitated all offer and salary negotiations between the preferred candidate and SA Health.

Due to the constant changing state of technology, communication is getting easier and easier, there is no excuse any more for not being able to interview or speak to international candidates, and with HM Executive’s forward thinking and technology first approach, it is easier and a reality for organisations to get access top talent all over the world.



Project Key Personnel

Jodi Walton

Managing Director

Julie Jardine

Recruitment Manager
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