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How is reputation effecting the talent on your shortlist?

As Executive Recruitment Consultants our role extends far beyond the assessment of resumes. We provide qualified recommendations to our clients concerning candidates, structure, risks, and provide a high level of strategic thinking throughout the whole recruitment project.

But what about the candidates?  Without them, there is no outcome!

The recruitment industry is notorious for not managing the expectations of the candidates and for that reason are often tarnished with a reputation of providing little or no value to the candidate and their experience.  This not only damages personal brand, but also that of the recruitment organisations recruiters work for. So, as the hiring manager it pays to ask your Executive Recruitment Consultant probing questions around how they manage the candidate experience to ensure they are really invested and working with you and your brand to ensure a positive candidate experience.

Here is a list of things that an Executive Recruiter should do to provide value to the candidate which, as a direct result will provide brand and reputational value to your business too.

  • Individually acknowledge receipt of an application.
  • Personally, answer enquiries and offer additional information about the company and history surrounding the role and opportunity.
  • Give open and honest feedback on their assessment and credentials.
  • Provide regular communication about status of the assignment providing indication of expected time frames for interviews etc.
  • Give clear and succinct information and seek clarification on any specific questions raised.
  • Offer support leading up to client interview by providing relevant information including panel members and their roles, and preparation around further assessments and topics to be covered.
  • Constructive feedback post interview and respectful re-directions.

Often the misconception is that the client doesn’t “care” for the candidates, if these fundamentals aren’t part of their experience, but the truth is the client ALWAYS cares for the candidates. It’s the Candidates experience with the Recruitment Consultant that holds the weight in creating a positive and easy recruitment process into reality.

At HM Executive, we understand how important your candidates are to you, and they are just as important to us. If you would like to find out more about the HM Executive Candidate experience contact us at or (08) 7071 7273.

Written by Alison Surjan, Director – Executive Recruitment at HM Executive.

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